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Right now there are 25 audio hosting sites + 10 podcast hosting services ( last updated: August 2020 ) where you can store audio files and these sites are also suitable as a podcast hosting.

So if you are looking for a free mp3 file hosting service you have come to the right place, just choose the perfect host from the list below and start uploading your audio files.

Latest additions:: Audiomack, HulkShare, MailboxDrive,
Picosong15 MBno
SndUp.net15 MBno
SoundClick100 MByes
Bandcamp291 MByes
ReverbNation8192 MByes
Clyp.it25 MByes
Hearthis.at500 MByes
SoundCloud5120 MByes
Kiwi650 MBno
Veto.social128 MByes
Audiomack250 MByes
Chirbit120 MByes
FileFactory300 MBno
Vocaroo50 MBno
YourListen100 MByes
Tindeck50 MByes
HulkShare1024 MByes
Instaudio15 MBno
MailboxDrive500 MBno
File Dropper5120 MBno

TIP: You can also upload your audio file to YouTube. You just need to add a background image. Use your favourite editor, add one image (or more if you want), export as a video and that's it. You can start uploading.

Free Podcast Hosting

Below is a list of podcast hosting services, both free and paid.

  • Podbean - free plan for up to 5 hours of audio and 100GB monthly transfer, paid plans from 9 USD / month
  • Spreaker - 5 hours audio storage for free, paid plans from 6 USD / month
  • Podomatic - 500MB storage, 15GB bandwidth/month, paid plans from 8.32 USD / month
  • - compleletly free podcast hosting
  • Whooshkaa - unlimited episodes & bandwidth, paid from 99 USD / month
  • Buzzsprout - free plan: 2 hours each month, episodes hosted for 90 days, paid plan from 12 USD / month
  • - unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space and unlimited podcasts.
  • PodcastGarden - with free account you can upload one episode per month, paid plan from 2.99 USD / month (unlimited episodes)
  • RedCircle - completely free podcast hosting, their business model is: we'll help find advertising for you, and we'll share the revenue from those ads
  • PineCast - 3 podcasts, 10 episodes per feed, 48MB file limit, no time limit
  • - from GBP 5 / month
  • - from USD 5 / month for unlimited podcasts

As a podcast player/manager check out gPodder. Simple, open-source tool that is small and also portable (can run without installing).

Where to publish your podcast

Media Player Classic

After uploading the podcast online, you need to get listeners. Submit your pocast to iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Which player do you use?

I use Media Player Classic. It's a full featured player, that has very simple interface and can play everything.

Recommended audio editor?
Audacity editor

For me it's Audacity - it's an open source multi-track audio editor and recorder. Also great as trimmer if you need just cut audio file or if you need to compress it. If you have never used any editor before, don't worry, it's easy to use. Available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Convert audio

Not all services support all file types. If you need to convert your audio file, use fre:ac - an open source tool that converts between MP3, MP4/M4A, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, WAV and Bonk formats.

The best audio formats / codecs
  • the most common format
  • lossy compression
  • relatively larger file size when compred with modern formats
  • lossless audio format
  • very high quality
  • open source format
  • lossless format
  • very large file size
  • lossy format
  • similar size as MP3, but highr quality
Basic audio recording tips
  • Keep the microphone close to the source
  • Use a microphone pop screen (you can make your own very cheap)
  • Avoid ambient noice
Sounds, music loops:
  • SampleFocus - each wek you'll get 10 free credits for downloading, get more credits for uploading
  • SampleSwap - free loops and audio samples for electronic tunes
  • Looperman - royalty free loops, samples and sounds
  • Soundpacks - download free sample packs
  • Adam Vitovsky - free songs for personal, noncommercial & commercial purposes
  • PacDV - free of charge tracks for your video, film, audio and multimedia productions, link back required
  • YouTube Audio Library - a lot of free songs and sound effects for videos that you monetize on YouTube

If you offer music files, sounds, please let me know and I'll add you to the list. Thanks!

Streaming platforms, listen on your phone or computer:
  • Spotify - one of the oldest
  • YoutubeMusic
  • Deezer - paid accounts offers better quality (FLAC - 1411 kb/s), the free account is limited to only MP3 - 128kb/s

All are ad supported and usually there is a limit of how many songs you can skip every hour (often it's 6 songs every hour).

Check these books:

Audio Speaker

Add a link:

If you run a site that isn't listed, link back to and send me all the details you can. At least name, url, maximum file size allowed, allowed file types, if registration is required or not and if you allow direct linking of uploaded files. I'll be happy to add your site.

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