What is podcast hosting?

It's a place to store and distribute your audio files. It will also generate an RSS feed (list of episodes) that you can submit to podcast directories. Usually you'll also get basic statistics, advanced analytics, scheduling fuctionality and social media sharing tools. Sometimesthey can even help you to monetize your podcast.

Best Podcast Hosting Sites (some are FREE)

Below is a list of podcast hosting platforms, both free and paid.

  • Podbean - free plan for up to 5 hours of audio and 100GB monthly transfer, paid plans from 9 USD / month
  • Spreaker - 5 hours audio storage for free, if you need more, prices starts from 6 USD / month
  • Podomatic - podcast host with 500MB storage, 15GB bandwidth/month, paid plans from 8.32 USD / month
  • Anchor.fm - compleletly free podcast hosting platform
  • Whooshkaa - unlimited episodes & bandwidth, paid from 99 USD / month
  • Buzzsprout - free plan: 2 hours each month, episodes hosted for 90 days, paid plan from 12 USD / month
  • Podcasts.com - unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space and unlimited podcasts.
  • PodcastGarden - you can upload one episode per month for free, more from 2.99 USD / month (unlimited number of episodes)
  • RedCircle - completely free podcast hosting, their business model is: we'll help find advertising for you, and we'll share the revenue from those ads
  • PineCast - 3 podcasts, 10 episodes per feed, 48MB file limit, no time limit
  • Soundbran.ch - from GBP 5 / month
  • Transistor.fm - from USD 5 / month for unlimited podcasts
  • Simplecast - from USD 15 / month
  • Podcastics - from USD 9.68 / month, 1st month free

As a podcast player/manager check out gPodder. Simple, open-source tool that is small and also portable (can run without installing).

Should you host podcast on your website?

No, you should not. If your podcast will be popular, you will need a lot storage and bandwidth (especially when you release new episode). And it can be too much for a standard webhosting. It can crash, or you account might be even cancelled.

Where to publish your podcast

After uploading the podcast online, you need to get listeners. Submit your pocast to iTunes (Apple Podcasts), Google Play and Spotify.

Podcasting tips

  • Shall I start podcasting? Yes, just try it. After a few episodes you'll find if it's something that will suit you and if you'll be able to provide interesting content.
  • How often should you publish new episodes? It doesn't matter if it'll be daily of weekly of twice a week. Much more important is regularity.
  • You don't need a fancy equipment. A decent microphone and free audio recording tool will be enough. So stop searching for "the best microphone" or "the best headphones"
  • Yes, intro music is good idea, but please keep it short. I hate to listen the same long intro (like one minute) every time new episode is released.
  • Don't start podcasting with a vision of making a lot of money ;) Yes, it's possible to earn money, but don't start a podcast just to earn money.
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