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Unfortunatenly FileDen audio host isn't working anymore ... visit the complete list of free audio hosting sites and choose another audio host.

FileDen used to be on:

Maximum sound file size50 MB
Allowed audio file typesmp3
Registration required?yes
Direct linking allowed?yes
File life spanunknown
FileDen audio hosting site
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I used it and it seemed to work okay for a while but now I get Malware warnings when I try and go there. I'd stay away.
Lisa G:
From other online reviews, it looks like the site went defunct in 2009; the current site is now a way to get your contact info, since I immediately got spam and telemarketing calls from trying to sign up.
I don't trust it. They want your address & cell number.
Richard Pascoe:
Just joined FileDen from the UK. Needed to give a House music remix project to someone in Australia. Joined, uploaded, they downloaded it two hours later. Easy! Great site. Check out my music on SoundCloud under the artist name Base Class - strictly demo stuff so don't expect high production values!
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