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Unfortunatenly TooFiles audio host isn't working anymore ... visit the complete list of free audio hosting sites and choose another audio host.

TooFiles used to be on:

Maximum sound file size100 MB
Allowed audio file typesac3, aif, aiff, mid, midi, mp3, ogg, ra, wav, wma
Registration required?no
Direct linking allowed?no
File life spanunknown
TooFiles audio hosting site
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Does anyone know of a free audio file upload site with url for public access that can be heard without downloading the file before you can hear it..? THX
i really love this site.
lord waddock hunt:
Wonderful. Didn't know that our world had so much fourth rate advertising !!! Keep it up TooFiles !! Wadock Hunt,(Lord), Barkin.
They bomb you with a lot of ads crap... But that can be... What I can really stand is that they delete the files after a month...
do not go by the these posts. all obviously paid. the millisecond you hit the site, slammed with pop-ups and all sorts of garbage known to mankind
I'm a big fan of TooFiles..great website and great source of file uploading. Keep it up!
I can find many nice songs from!
I love this file hosting service, it is really cool and I can put my favourite song on my blog very easily!
cool site and good speed for download :)
I love it..this free hosting service is very easy to register and log in to use. Also the speed is quite ok too
easy to register and use..great!
cool site for uploading music and share to your friend
love it...great service!
Cool Website, it offers quite several options and easy to upload it!!!
it's awesome! can do everything on this website.
Cool, great website and services
I like it as well
This free file hosting service is actually quite awesome :) you can upload unlimited and share it's easy to do so. cool.
i like it
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