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Unfortunatenly YourListen audio host isn't working anymore ... visit the complete list of free audio hosting sites and choose another audio host.

YourListen used to be on:

Maximum sound file size100 MB
Allowed audio file typesmp3, wav, aiff, wma, aac, ac3, amr, caf, mmf, mp2, m4a, ogg, ra, mid
Registration required?yes
Direct linking allowed?no
File life spanunknown
YourListen audio hosting site
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MusicLove :
Two Issues. 1. Can't upload my LOGO/ for channel or song? weird, says do you want to. 2. Is site down? (as of 4th Feb 2021 I see their domain for sale)
Audiohostings admin: Thanks for your input, I have marked this host as non-working.
Posted on Friday, 5 February 2021 at 1:46
Sean kiss :
No links allowed
We allow uploads of up 100 mb and over ten different audio formats
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